Below is a list of books relating to the cooperage trade.

  • The Cooper and His Trade, Kenneth Kilby. John Baker Publishing, 1971. Probably the standard work on coopering.
  • The Cooperage Handbook, F.P.Hankerson. Food Trade Press Ltd, London 1947, Standard American book mostly on mass production, excellent reference.
  • Coopers and Coopering, Kenneth Kilby, Shire Publications 2004.
  • The Coopers Company and Craft, George Elkington, 1933
  • Cooperage: A Treatise on Modern Shop Practice and Methods, From the Tree to the Finished Article (1910), J.B.Wagner, reprint.
  • Vatmaking, R.R.Foskett. Science Museum 1998. Excellent work on industrial vat making.
  • The Port of Bristol Official Handbook 1954. Not on coopering but interesting illustrations of casks and one of a Customs officer gauging a wine cask.
  • The Dictionary of Woodworking Tools, R.A.Salaman, 1975
  • A History of Woodworking Tools, W.L.Goodman, 1964
  • British Planemakers from 1700, W.L.Goodman, 3 Editions
  • American Cooperage Machinery and Tools, Kenneth L.Cope, Astragal Press, 2003
  • The Story of Wilsons’ Cooperage
  • L’Encyclopedie, Diderot & D’Alembert
  • le livre de la Tonnellerie, Jean Taransaud, Paris, 1976
  • Les Ebenistes du Vin, Jean-Marc Soyez, Editions Presqu ile, 1991
  • The Rule Book, Measuring for the Trades, Jane Rees & Mark Rees, Astragal Press, 2010
  • The Standard Stave Measurer and Calculator, E.A.P.Burt, 1891
  • Guide to Farmar’s Rule, The Standard Slide Rule for the Entire Wine and Spirit Trade, Frank C. Farmar 1917