Coopers’ Tools

The collection consists of a wide variety of tools relating to the cooperage trade, there are also examples of coopered items, vessels and containers. A large proportion of the items were collected over the last forty years by the late Richard Filmer (Denoted by RF on the inventory number) who had a great interest in tools and trades, this collection is dedicated to his memory and is a tribute to his enthusiasm. This section is for general tools, there are other coopers tools under different headings.



Herring Barrel Flincher & Croze Marked A.Mackenzie Aberdeen. Inventory No.0130AG

cooper's chiv
Well used cooper’s chiv with 2″ iron. Inventory No.0266CM
Cooper’s Plucker marked G.L.Anderson, Fraserburgh. Inventory No.0095AG
Cooper's plucker by A.Mackenzie, Aberdeen.
Cooper’s plucker by A.Mackenzie, Aberdeen. Inventory No.0404AG
Cooper’s Block Hook. Inventory No.0166AG


Two Solid Bent Cooper’s Drivers. Unused, Inventory No.0160RF, Well used Inventory No.0161RF


2″ Cooper’s Chincing Iron, approx.7″ long. Inventory No.0094AG
2 Cooper's Rivet Punches
2 Cooper’s Rivet Punches, 5″ & 4″ long. Inventory No.0187AG
Cooper's Flagging Iron.
Cooper’s Flagging Iron, approx.21″ long. Inventory No.0188AG
Cooper's Flagging Iron
Cooper’s Flagging Iron, approx.20″ long. Inventory No.0189RF
W.Gilpin, Wedges Mills, Cooper's Flagging Iron
W.Gilpin, Wedges Mills, Cooper’s Flagging Iron, approx.20″ long. Inventory No.0190RF
Cooper's Head Vice.
Cooper’s Head Vice, 6″ long. Inventory No.0192AG


Glasgow or Scotch Pattern Cooper’s Hoop Driver. Inventory No.0162RF
Cooper's socketed hoop driver
Cooper’s socketed hoop driver, 1.5/8″ wide, approx. 12.1/2″ long. Inventory No.0176RF
Cooper's hoop driver
Cooper’s hoop driver, wooden stock marked A.P Inventory No.0329RF
3lb Scottish Pattern Cooper's Hammer, Inventory No.0043CM
3lb Scottish Pattern Cooper’s Hammer, Inventory No.0043CM
R.W.Walker Cooper’s Brace. Inventory No.0047AG
R.W.Walker Cooper’s Brace (detail). Inventory No.0047AG
Wooden Cooper’s Brace Inventory No.0046AG
Stanley No.56 Cooper’s Shave, 2.5/8″ cutter, 18″ long. Inventory No.0167CM
Cooper’s Downright Shave with 2″ J.Fearn Ltd Iron. Inventory No.0168CM
Cooper’s Curved Shave with 3″ Iron. Inventory No.0169CM
Cooper's Inside Shave
Cooper’s Inside Shave with 2″ Iron. Inventory No.0184
Cooper's Curved Shave
Cooper’s Curved Shave with 4.1/2″ Iron. Inventory No.0185AG
Bung plate fixing tool
Bung plate fixing tool and serrated bung plate. Inventory No.0210RF
52.3/4" Cooper's Dividers.
52.3/4″ Cooper’s Dividers. Inventory No.0195AG
Nailing adze
A.Mathieson & Sons, Glasgow No.2 Nailing Adze. Inventory No.0307CM
Sun plane
Cooper’s topping or sun plane, marked Buck & Hickman, Whitechapel Road, London. Inventory No.0308CM
Cooper's beech brace
Cooper’s beech brace, made from separate pieces as opposed to some which are made from one piece. Inventory No.0309CM
Beech Cooper's Brace. Inventory No.0436AG
Beech Cooper’s Brace. Inventory No.0436AG


Diagonals, two lengths of wood hinged together, used by the cooper to give an indication that the capacity of a cask was correct during assembly, there was a different size for each size of cask. Inventory No.0330RF
Cooper's Heading Board.
Cooper’s Heading Board. Inventory No.0503CM
Chime Maul, a heavy iron tool for knocking on the chime hoops at each end of a cask.
Chime Maul, a heavy iron tool for knocking on the chime hoops at each end of a cask. Inventory No.0510RF
17.1/2" croze.
17.1/2″ croze. Inventory No.0516AG
Unused No.3 size coopers adze, no maker's mark.
Unused No.3 size coopers adze, no maker’s mark. Inventory No.0534AG