Trade Catalogues

Below is a list of tool catalogues in the collection used as reference for the tools of various trades.

O = Original, R = Reprint

A & F Parkes & Co. Ltd. Birmingham, Catalogue No.H27, 1948 (O)

American Axe & Tool Co., New York, USA 1894 (R)

Arnold & Sons, London (O)

Aux Forges de Vulcain, Paris 1936 (O)

Buck & Hickman, London 1930 (O)

Buck & Hickman, London 1935 (O)

Buck & Hickman, London 1953 (O)

Buck & Hickman, London 1964 (O)

Burn of Birmingham, Pattern Shop Supplies, 1966 (O)

C & J Hampton Ltd, Record Tools Catalogue No.16, 1949 (O)

C.T.Skelton & Co.Ltd, Sheffield, Catalogue H12, 1915 (O)

C.T.Skelton & Co.Ltd, Sheffield, Catalogue H16, 1927 (O)

Charles Nurse & Co. London Catalogue No.16, 1914 (O)

Charles Nurse & Co. London, Catalogue No.34 (O)

Clark Hunt & Co Ltd, Shoreditch, London 1907 (O)

Clico Ltd. Meadow Works, Sheffield. 1950 (O)

Colwell Cooperage Company, Equitable Building, 120 Broadway, New York. Catalogue No.26 (possibly 1926) (O)

Cornelius Whitehouse & Sons Ltd, Cannock, 1952 (O)

D.Stolp, Gereedschappen, Holland, 1915 (R)

E.A. & W Greenslade Ltd, General Catalogue No.201, 1927 (O)

Edward Elwell Ltd, Wednesbury, Staffordshire, 1959 (O)

English Tools Ltd, Clarington Forge, Wigan, 1950 (O)

E.Garlick & Son Ltd, Afric Works, Orange Street, Sheffield (O)

E.P.Barrus Ltd, Catalogue No.39T (O)

Feron & Cie., A La Forge Royale, Fabrique d’Outils montes a travailler le bois. (O)

George Adams, 144 High Holborn, London. 1906 (O)

George Barnsley & Sons, Cornish Works, Sheffield, Illustrated Pattern Book of Shoemakers Tools &c. January 1905. (O)

GKN Bolt & Nut Division Catalogue, Fifteenth Edition (O)

Guest Keen & Nettlefolds (Midlands) Ltd, Wood Screw Catalogue, 1953 (O)

I & D Smallwood, Leopold Street, Birmingham 1912 (O)

I & D Smallwood, Leopold Street, Birmingham, Catalogue No.56 (O)

I.Sorby, Turner Naylor & Co Ltd, 1938 (O)

I.Sorby, Turner Naylor & Co Ltd, Light Edge Tools & Turnscrews, 1959 (O)

J.Parkinson & Son, (The Perfect Vise Makers), Shipley, Yorkshire, 1940 (O)

James Chesterman & Co. Ltd., Bow Works, Sheffield 1954 (O)

James Dixon & Sons Ltd. Cornish Place, Sheffield  1938 (O)

John Fearn Ltd, Upperthorpe, Sheffield, (O)

John Fearn Ltd, Upperthorpe, Sheffield (R)

John Rabone & Sons, Catalogue No.29 (O)

John Rabone & Sons, Catalogue No.31 (O)

John Wilson’s Illustrated Price List of Butchers’ Knives, Steels, Skinning, Sticking, Farrier’s, Shoe, Sheath and Dagger Knives etc. c.1936 (O)

Knapman & Son, Hill Mill, Near Totnes, Devon: Hooks, Hoes, Shovels Etc, (O)

Nash Tyzack Industries, Stourbridge, 1951 (O)

Nettlefold & Sons Ltd, Tools for all Trades, 1950

Paul Duflos, Paris 1920 (R)

R & W Wilson & Sons, Ltd. 25-51 Long Lane, London, 1929 (O)

Rabone Chesterman Ltd, Catalogue No.2 (O)

Rabone Chesterman Ltd, Catalogue No.5 1974/5 (O)

Rededa Joiners’ & Sash Cramps, Vices and Sundry Tools, 1939, (O)

Rippingille’s Albion Lamp Co.Ltd Catalogue No.119 (O)

Rippingille’s Albion Lamp Co.Ltd Catalogue No.179 (O)

Robert Sorby & Sons Ltd., Kangaroo Works, Sheffield, 1938 (O)

Samuel Lewis & Co Ltd, Anglo Works, Withymoor, Nr. Dudley, No.1016, 1908 (O)

Sanderson Brothers & Newbould Ltd, Sheffield, Saw Mill Tools. (O)

Sandvik Saws. 1947 (O)

Skinner & Johnson, Ranskill, Nr.Bawtry, 1911 (O)

Skinner & Johnson, Ranskill, 1954 (O)

Staffordshire Edge Tool Company Ltd, Setco (O)

S.Tyzack & Son Ltd. Old Street, London. 1938 (O)

S.Tyzack & Son Ltd. Old Street, London. Catalogue No.630 (O)

Stanley Rule & Level Co. Catalogue No.120 1923 (R)

Tools & Machinery Supplies Ltd, London, 1938 (O)

Utensili Sicutool, Catalogo Untesileria No.1, 1952 (O)

Walter Rogers & Sons, Watford Saw Mills, Watford, Herts, Makers of Tool Handles and other wooden items, Approx. 1932 (O)

Wm. Gilpin Senr. & Co, Cannock, Staffordshire. 1957 (O)

William Greaves & Sons, Sheaf Works, Sheffield. G Edition Export Catalogue, no date (O)

W.Langley & Co, 14-16 Magdalen Street, London, SE1, 1950’s  (O)

W.Tyzack, Sons & Turner Ltd, Sheffield, 1921 (O)

Ward & Payne Ltd, Sheffield, Tools for the Craftsman, 1937 (O)

Ward & Payne Ltd, Sheffield, Tools of High Quality, 1953 (O)

Wm. Cross & Son Ltd, Lyng Foundry, West Bromwich, 1925 (O)

William Hunt & Sons, The Brades Ltd. Oldbury, Birmingham 1922 (O)

William Hunt & Sons, The Brades Ltd. Oldbury, Birmingham 1934 (O)

William Marples & Sons Ltd, Price List of American Tools, 1904 (O)

William Marples & Sons Ltd. Sheffield 1938 . (O)

William Marples & Sons Ltd. Sheffield 1959 (O)

William Marples & Sons Ltd. Sheffield 1965 (O)

W.H.Vowles & Sons Ltd. Bristol. Brush Manufacturers (O)

Wynn Timmins & Co Ltd, Birmingham, 1938 (O)