P.W.Walker & Co, Burton on Trent. Makers of Coopers Tools.

P.W.Walker & Co were makers of coopers tools based at the centre of the brewing industry at Burton on Trent.


The stoup plane shown in the pictures is one of the hardest of the cooper’s planes to find as they seem to have disappeared amid the piles of old planes and once separated from a cooper’s tool kit are hard to positively identify, a good clue to identification is the single iron, and coopers often used irons by J.Fearn of Sheffield, this plane being by Walker is obviously correct but an unnamed plane would be more of a guess.

Cooper's jigger knife marked P.W.Walker, Burton.
Cooper’s jigger knife marked P.W.Walker, Burton. Walker’s would have bought these from a Sheffield manufacturer, this looks like William Greaves as it has their typical blue paint on it. Inventory No.0438AG